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Rehearse and load on Sunday, April 20th at 8 pm and leave approximately 10 p.m. travelling through the night to Winnipeg International Airport.   We are allowing extra time to clear customs and packaging with Northwest Airlines.

Send Off Concert was scheduled for Tuesday, April 15th at 8 p.m.


Walt Disney World performance and free time
Universal Studios Florida performance
All American Music Festival at Hard Rock Live - Cafe Concert Hall
Kennedy Space Center tour
Cocoa Beach swim and Ron Jon Surf Shop

Proposed Itinerary (Monday, April 21- Wednesday, April 30) subject to change
Sun.     - bus to Winnipeg through the night
Mon.    - depart by North West Airlines  to Orlando
Tues.   - Walt Disney World - activities and free time
Wed.   - Walt Disney World  Epcot Center
                 - 6 p.m. Board Walk parade and stand still performance "Magic Music Days"  
Thurs.  - Walt Disney World - MGM Studios - activities and free time
Fri.      -  Walt Disney Magic Kingdom - group photo - 7:00 a.m.
            - Universal Studios performance - 9:30 a.m.
            - lunch at Hard Rock Cafe
             - All American Music Festival - concert band festival - HARD ROCK LIVE!
                    - warm up in the Beatles' Room at 1:30, perform at 2 p.m.
Sat.     - All American Music Festival - concert choir festival - HARD ROCK LIVE!
                    - warm up in the Beatles' Room at 2:00, perform at 2:30 p.m.
                   Award Ceremonies at Wild Wild West Stunt Show - Universal Studios
Sun.    - Kennedy Space Center Spaceport USA tour
             -  Cocoa Beach activities, Beach BBQ, Ron Jon Surf Shop
Mon.    - Free day, activities at Disney, SHOPPING
Tues.   - Disney Water Park (Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach)
Wed.   - Fly to Winnipeg, bus home
Thurs.  - Back to school

Mauri Ingham (chairperson), Joanne Zapshalla (Secretary), Bernie Wlock, Mary Ann Trischuk, Karen Stuart, Clare Soltys, Bev Neil, Bev Kreway, Elaine Andrew, Sandy Arnold, Lonnie Kelly, Calla Effa, Jim/Janice Gallagher
Staff Laurene Jemieff, Larry Pearen, Mark Zawerucha and Gail Jensen


Orlando Fundraising is almost over! If you have any ideas please contact the Band Office 786-5579.

Husky/Mohawk Gas Rebate Program - Bev Kreway Chairperson - 783-1899 - we do have some cards available.
FENCE PAINTING - Christie Hill Funeral Chapel has provided the Orlando Tour Group a large donation....plans are being made to paint the white fence when the weather turns nice and the snow is gone!
Projects completed
Entertainment Book - Lonnie Kelly Chairperson - 783-0984 due Nov. 20th
Avon - Sonja Morgotch Chairperson - 783-9627- in progress
Large raffle - Calla Effa Chairperson 783-2245
Pay As You Pull - Mrs. Calanche Chairperson - 742-2012 - booklets are available and can be ordered
COAT CHECK.....was Sat. Jan. 25th...Robbie Burns Event.
Service groups - Alex Morgotch Chairperson - 783-9627
Meat Sale - Marj Wlock Chairperson - 783-6272 - complete
Tupperware Sale - Bev Neil Chairperson - 782-0004 - in progress
Regal Gifts - Diane Koch Chairperson - sale over - possible spring sale
Home Interiors - Sharon Kelly Chairperson - 783-0984- in progress
Pasta Pack - Mrs. Andrew Chairperson - 792-4417 - after Christmas
David Dedman Anniversary Sale - hot dog roast with pep/jazz bands
Thresherman's Show - car parking
Steak Supper - Melrose Place - Tuesday, April 15th -Don Kondrat Chairperson - 783-1314 - completed
Fantasy Fiddlers Concert - Saturday, April 5th at 2 p.m. - contact Keith Vaughan or Alex Morgotch for tickets.
Harvest Meat Sale - Marj Wlock  783-6272 for orders.

Make sure you are on talkmail for additional communication.

Medical Sheets - insurance for out of country travel is required and has been purchased for all participants(new medical sheets for 2002-03 school year must be completed)

Passports - passports are not required.  Photo ID and Birth Certificate are required with a letter signed by both parents (contact phone numbers must be included)  giving permission to travel.

Chaperones - have been selected.  Thanks to all those who volunteered.